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How the novice traders slowly ruins their hard earned money

The forex market is a huge market and every single day trillions of dollars are being traded in the forex market. Many people in the world are participating in the foreign exchange market by knowingly or unknowingly. Previously trading the financial instrument was not opened to the retail traders as it is now. Due to the recent technological advancement, retail traders can easily trade the live assets in the forex market from their home. But if you look at the success rate in the fore trading industry then you will be surprised to see that most of the traders are struggling hard with their trading career. Statistics suggest that only 5 percent of the traders are making consistent profit in forex trading and the rest are losing money. In this article, we will discuss how the novice traders slow blow their trading account in the forex market.

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How does the professional trader make money

Everyone wonders about the success of the professional traders. You should analyze the path of a successful trader. There are many techniques and strategies followed by the professional traders and which are done based on long-term. A day spent as a professional trader will be something different from your regular life. From the dawn to dusk the professional trader would do many different things than an ordinary person. There are good lessons which you can learn from professional traders. The naïve trader will find the trades and look at the charts to land on a good trade but a professional trader is much different he or she will be calm when in the Forex market. So let us check out more about the Forex professional traders.

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Consequence of trading against the trend in the market

Forex trading is getting very much popular in nowadays and most of the novice traders jump into the online trading world in order to make a quick money. But if you want to become a professional trader in the financial world it is highly imperative that you treat forex as a business. In the eyes of trained professional trading, the financial instrument is one of the toughest business in the world. There is a well-known proverb in the financial industry that the trend is your friend. So as a trader you should always trade the market in favor of the long-term prevailing trend. There is some dangerous consequence in trading against the trend and in this article, we will discuss this.

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How to use the indicators like the professional trader

There are many different ways of trading the financial instrument in the world. Trading strategy and technique will vary from traders to traders. Most of the retail traders trade the financial instrument without having a proper knowledge about the forex market. But in order to trade the financial assets, you need to have a valid trading strategy and clear understanding about the market dynamics. If you look at the professional traders than you will see that all of them are using a valid trading strategy to make consistent profit in trading. However, most of the novice traders use too many indicators in developing their trading strategy. They simply think that by using too many indicators they will be able to make a decent trading strategy in the market and able to execute high-quality trades regardless of the market condition. But in real life trading using too many indicators will decrease your potential profit margin in the forex market. Most of the novice traders often messed up their trading chart while using the indicators and they even trade the market with the indicators signal without knowing how to use them perfectly. In this article, we discuss how to use the indicators like the professional traders.

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How to execute the perfect buy and sell orders using trend line

The trend line trading is one of the most profitable trading strategies and it is designed to trade in favor of the long term prevailing trend. You will notice certain differences in your charts when the trend line takes place such as the bounce off i.e. that the line obeys the trend and when it breaks the breakout strategy is the ideal strategy. In order to find the trend line, you should be able to draw the lines properly and correctly, if so you can forex trade the market. Also, the trend line breakout can be tricky; you should understand the possible ways to the breakout in the trend line. While trading the financial assets make sure to limit your risk by using protective stop loss. In the Forex market each and every single detail or decision should be made with thorough knowledge. Let us learn more about the trend line strategy.

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Crude slowly settles higher as OPEC initiates settlement

There has been massive in the global market as the price of oil faces an extreme level of selling pressure in the global market due to the increase of recent supply of oil. Most of the leading oil investors were in doubt since the price of oil was going down by breaking many important levels in the market. However, the price of oil found its first strong ground in the market after the OPEC stated their oil cut policy in the global market. Such a drastic action from the OPEC leaders has not yet been seen in the global market since 2008.The oil investors found a strong sign of relief in the global market after they were informed about the production cap in oil to bring stability in the oil price. The price of Brent started a strong bullish rally in the market after hitting the bottom at 26.01 and most of the leading investors made a decent profit in the market. However, the leading oil researchers are now overly cautious about the energy market since there are lots of uncertainty since in order to bring stability in the energy sectors a positive approach from all of the leading oil producing country is strongly required. Decent Jump in crude: In the last Friday the price of crude oil jumped after hitting a minor support level in the market due to the optimistic statement from OPEC leaders. The leading oil investors are now seeing a light of hope in the market…

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