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Category: Opinions

Oil is still trading significantly higher prior to the OPEC meeting

The price of oil is rallying high for three consecutive weak even though the green bucks have exhibited its strength in the currency market. The leading oil manufacturing companies have been rigging the oil hard in the last couple of month causing instability in the oil price. In the eyes of trained investors the OPEC might cut the output rate of oil production at their next meeting which might bring some stability in the oil price. The price of Brent crude oil rose significantly which caused $47.82 per barrel. The rise in price was near about 96 percent which is the highest since 1st November 2016.Along with the sharp rise in Brent Crude oil, the price of U.S West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures also rose by 87 cents resulting $ 46.56 per barrel. According to Putin oil is trading 1% per higher on the day and he also stated that such an imminent rise in the oil price despite of the massive oil production is going to affect the market in the longer term. Most importantly there has been a contradiction among the OPEC leading member whether to cut the production rate in this year also caused fear into the mind of investors since if things goes like this for a prolonged period of time then the normal trading condition will be hampered to a great extent. Leading hedge firm manager and investors believes that the OPEC needs to come up with a solid plan to cap the oil production…

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Problems after the Brexit – nobody wants British

Two and a half months, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, and after forty-three years left the umbrella of EU membership. Written a new page of history, immediately after the referendum began speculating about possible scenarios and the consequences that bring Brexit A week before the referendum on the Stock Exchange there were no obvious signs that Britain will leave the European family – the pound has strengthened. In the case of the release, which it did, provided the decline of the pound by 15 to 20 percent and raised the question – that this country could be the next, and how will this affect the financial turbulence in the euro. The pound has depreciated by 9 percent, which is not recorded since 1985, and the euro has declined by 3 percent. The expected reaction would be greater demand for the Swiss franc, the dollar, and the yen, but the problem is that the financial markets the Swiss franc has less than a euro. Swiss National Bank said it intervened in the market since the franc was under pressure after the decision of the UK to leave the European Union. In a brief statement, the Central Bank indicated that it had intervened in the monetary market in order to stabilize the situation and will remain active. Impacts of the British referendum are limited and secondary. The immediate effects of the current decline in the value of the pound and the euro…

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