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Category: Analysis

What Is the Best Type of Forex Trading Analysis?

It is necessary to identify the best forex trading analysis tool to enable you to understand the market and apply the most appropriate strategy.

Although specific indicators are best suited to technical analysis, there is no best type of forex trading analysis. This article explains the core technical analyses. It then narrows to more specific tools to help you analyze faster and earn more.

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Understanding Commodity Channel Index and how it Works

Traders and analysts use the CCI (commodity channel index) technical indicator to determine variable price action from security. Donald Lambert developed this technical indicator that falls under the momentum oscillator category in 1980. Donald’s intention for CCI was to alleviate timing demands associated with the emergence of seasonal or cyclical commodities markets.

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Fibonacci Tools for Forex Trading

Every forex trader must learn about the wide range of trading instruments used to predict movements in the forex trading market. However, some technical trading terms or indicators evoke certain mysteries in some forex traders, especially those that are not old in the market. One of those terms is the Fibonacci forex trading indicator that several people have never across in the course of their trades.

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