What Is the Best Type of Forex Trading Analysis?

What Is the Best Type of Forex Trading Analysis?

It is necessary to identify the best forex trading analysis tool to enable you to understand the market and apply the most appropriate strategy.

Although specific indicators are best suited to technical analysis, there is no best type of forex trading analysis. This article explains the core technical analyses. It then narrows to more specific tools to help you analyze faster and earn more.

Read on to find out three types of analyses and what is unique about them. You will then understand the four types of technical indicators and the best tools under them for specific analyses.

Three Types of Forex Trading Analysis and Their Unique Traits

The core reason for analyzing a market is to reduce risks and magnify profit. The forex trading market is broad and volatile.

Money affects various economic, political, and social activities. Similarly, market forces make forex prices change quickly. This forms the motivation behind the forex trading analysis.

The fundamental analysis tracks how market forces impact forex currency pair prices. It monitors political, social, and economic activities to see how they influence your forex trading portfolio.

Other traders’ opinions influence market trading and price direction. Use sentiment analysis to track views and decide wisely.

Lastly, technical analysis is one of the most data-driven forex trading analyses. It lets you study historical data (mainly from charts) and derive the possibility of price changes.

The three analyses come together to drive your forex trading portfolio to profit. Meaning none is best.

However, particular technical indicators are best suited to performing specific jobs. Let us take a look at them.

Four Types of Technical Indicators and What Each Is Best In.

Technical indicators ease your technical analysis. The four major groupings of technical indicators are:

Trend indicators

They help you determine when prices are likely to change depending on past data.

Momentum indicators

They guide you in knowing the rate of price change. You can determine market overbuying or underselling.

Volume indicators

Volume indicators are crucial in letting you decide the number of sales and purchases per duration.

Volatility indicators

They help you realize the volume of the price that moves in a particular direction.

You should focus on the following technical indicators and oscillators if you want to understand each of the above types of technical analyses.

The Best Technical Indicators for Determining Trend

If you want to know forex trading technical analysis trends, use MACD, ADX, RSI, or Bollinger Bands.

Moving Average Converge Divergence (MACD) is crucial if you want to determine buying or selling signals. It has two exponential moving averages that cross, diverge or converge to echo a trending market.

The Average Directional Index (ADX) guides you in knowing the trend’s strength. For instance, a reading below 20 (on its 0-100 scale) shows a weak trend, whereas above 50 signals a firm direction.

The relative strength index (RSI) works like ADX. A reading below 30 shows a weak trend while that above 70 marks a strong trend. It has a central moving average line with two standard deviation lines on either side.

Bollinger bands are some of the best technical indicators for day trading. For instance, you can extend buying or selling when the current bar rises above the upper band.

The Best Technical Indicators for Determining Momentum

Although MACD measures trends, it is best suited for deciding forex trading momentum. It chiefly uses 12, 26, and 9-day trading durations to calculate momentum.

Momentum increases as the 12-day exponential moving average (EMA) diverges away from the 26-day EMA (the longer period). Other momentum technical indicators are RSI, stochastics, and ADX.

You should use OBV, Klinger oscillators, and Chaikin Money Flow if you want to analyze price volume.

Other Typical Forex Analysis Questions and Their Answers

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Fibonacci retracements.

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Which Is Better, MACD or RSI?

MACD is best for analyzing widely swinging forex markets. On the other hand, RSI’s ultimate power is applicable when momentum falls below 30 or rises above 70.


The three forex trading analyses have equal weight in determining your forex trading success. However, you can dive deeper into technical analysis and select the best tools for particular indicators.